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PaintCan features practical presets for many common painting situations. Start with Background presets, add some Details, and finish of with some Extras to create your personal masterpiece.

Manual Controls

If a preset doesn't suit your needs, or if you feel the desire for more control, switch to manual controls and unleash the power of PaintCan's smart brushes underneath your finger tips.

Sample Images

Don't know what to paint? Get started with one of PaintCan's built-in samples. Of course, you can also snap a picture with your camera, or use an image saved on your iPad.

Smart Brushes


PaintCan features a number of powerful smart brushes, designed to help paint common scenes, like landscapes, portraits, and still lives. They configure themselves, so that you don't have to.


Sara (28), Student


"I used to do Arts and Crafts as a kid, but I don't have the time anymore. I like that I can take 10 minutes with PaintCan and distract myself while being creative."

John (24), BANKER


"I never participate in games like Pictionary. I'm just no good at it. But with PaintCan -- it makes me feel like I can actually paint. I love it."

claire (36), Artist


"I've tried a lot of iPad apps for my work. PaintCan doesn't have 1000s of features, but it does one thing really well: It lets me explore a painting idea really quickly. And the visual quality is impressive!"